Sri Lanka Exposed

My Take on Video Editing for Sri Lanka!!! Enjoy!!!

Sometimes, I ask myself why go to these places. Why go to places where you know you will be dirty, your bag may be stolen, or simply finding a place to sleep may even be too difficult. But the answer is simple, tough environments mould tough people and only through traveling will people get a chance to sit in the world’s biggest classroom.

Yes, its not cheap to buy a ticket and fly to some random place. Yes, it takes time and effort to plan the route and the journey. And Yes, finding people who want to tag along with you to some place where it would be last on the “Travel Holiday Destination List” is difficult. But well, the outcome is limitless adventure and sometimes even a blessing in disguise.


When you think of Sri Lanka, you think of Tamil Tigers killing Sinhalese but the truth is that it has tone down quite a bit and political Stability is starting to get back on its feet. So I spend a short 7 days in Sri Lanka and that was enough to get a good taste of the country.

Colombo Train Tracks

I moved on to one of the beautiful states of Sri Lanka which was Nuwara Eliya.

Picture By Benjamin Aw (Long Time Travel Buddy)
Here we are cycling down the plantations and the weather is coming down on us.

The place is famous for their tea and especially Ceylon Tea

And Finally, we got….
Warm Ceylon tea with Cakes. Nice!!!

But now how do we get home???

Trash the Bikes and Hitch A Ride back up.

Dinner anyone?

We had dinner at a 6 course fine dining colonial hotel called The Hillside. Looking good eh???

The Main Course – Piglet Chops in Black Pepper Sauce.

Makes me hungry just looking at it.

And desert?

There was something that these place was famous for. The World’s End.

So we took a bus here and there and everywhere…imagine…

Crowded but hell we loved it.

It was supposed to look like this: (Taken from Google)


Now Pause before you scroll down because you are gonna get a shock.

Well, we saw the World’s Greatest Whitboard instead.

We were so disappointed. Waited there for 30 minutes before we decided to head back.

Just a feel of what it was like there…

We decided to pay a visit to what they call Adam’s Peak at Ratnapura which was where Adam first landed his first Foot Print.. Well up to you to believe…
So we took a train there.

We met a group of Sri Lankans and they were a family of four. They asked why we were there and we said we were going to Adam’s Peak and they said, there are Tigers there and it is not the season to be there. But well, we had a different idea altogether.

The way up, but obviously this was taken on the way down when we were cold and suffering.

Huddling and Cuddling at the top of Adam’s Peak. Wet and Uncomfortable and winds were howling on the outside.
Here, you can see Ben and Cloud ( Standing and Sitting in the blue shirt Respectively)

Cold and Shivering. And as a respect to the temple, you cannot wear footwear. So we were wet, cold and our feet could not touch the floor. What could be worst.

Picture by Benjamin Aw.
Here I am, with the waterfall and porters in a vintage shot still at the bottom of Adam’s Peak.

Here in the bustling town of Kandy, We saw the Temple Of the Tooth.

Located in Kandy, long a center of the Buddhist faith, the stunning 17th-century Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa) is believed to house the left upper canine tooth of the Lord Buddha himself. Therefore people who pass by never fail to stop, and offer a minutes of prayer before moving on.

Hungry? Well some authentic Roti and Curry man!!!

Decided to buy a shawl as they are a great commodity to buy there.

(Photo by Benjamin Aw) Me, negotiating the price with the dealer. Got a kashmir and silk shawl for a good price.

Breakfast Anyone?

Photo by Cloud Leong Nicholas.
On the train from Kandy back to Colombo and entertaining ourselves.

Few places in the world can offer the traveller such a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, captivating cultural heritage and unique experiences within such a compact location.

Well, if you ask me whether you are contemplating to go or not. I say, go for it!!!

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