S3 (Singaporean Seven Summits) Expedition 2022-25

When I was much younger, one of my climbing idols in Singapore (Khoo Swee Chiow) had wrote a book about climbing the 7 Summits. This is one of the world’s ultimate mountaineering challenge, which is to climb the highest peaks on each of the seven continents of the world. He would travel to faraway continents such as North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe to climb some of the most rugged and amazing mountains the world has ever seen. This, to me was not only an amazing achievement and adventure but to an avid traveller, this seemed like a wonderful way to explore the different parts of the world.

After reading the book, I started doing a huge amount of research, mainly to look at pictures and photos of these far fetched places simply to adore the beauty of these mountains. Till this date, I have the downloaded photos in my hard drive.

These are the mountains in no particular order: Do not that there are a few versions of the 7 Summits and I will be climbing the Bass Verson.

Mount Everest – 8848m (Asia), Mount Kilimanjaro – 5895m (Africa), Mount Kosciuszko – 2228m (Australia), Mount Elbrus – 5642m (Europe), Mount Denali – 6194m (North America, Mount Aconcagua – 6961m (South America), Mount Vinson – 4892m (Antarctica).

Ever since then, I went on to lead two expeditions to Kilimanjaro (once in 2015 and another in 2018) and also trekked to Mount Kosciuszko and I’ve also reached the summit of Mount Everest in 2019.

So therefore, I have decided that I will be embarking on my next project which will take 4 years to complete. I’m also aiming to be the youngest Singaporean man to climb the 7 Summits at 35 years old. To me, this is not simply about a record but its more about pushing my personal boundaries and trying to balance out my life as a career-minded person and also family man.

These are the photos of the 7 Summits:

Let’s go climb some mountains now! The mountains are calling and I’ve got to go! Wish me luck!

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