South America, Here I come!!!

My buddy Cloud and myself have been contemplating the idea of backpacking in South America ever since we left college (Republic Polytechnic). But, we had to serve our nation as soldiers, as every Singaporean son does. People might have went through an easy National Service in Singapore but I have to say that mine wasn’t an easy one. Completing Officership and then becoming an Reconnaissance instructor was tough and required 13 months of my life but well, it is soon to be over and I have to move on to the next phase of life.

Now, people will ask me. “So Jeremy, What’s after this?”

Every Singaporean’s typical Answer. “Studies at blah blah blah University…”

My Answer is “YES! I’m going to a University but before that, I’m gonna backpack South America for 10 weeks. With whom you might ask? My best travel buddy, Cloud Leong Nicholas.”

My flight is at the end of the month, on the wee morning hours of 31st May 2012. I will be flying emirates and it will be my first time taking such a long flight. The aims for being there would be to:

1) See the world as no one has seen before (while on a budget)
2) Climb a 6700 meter peak (Mount Huascaran- If we climb this, we will be the first 2 Singaporeans on the summit)
3) Trek Torres Del Paine in Winter
4) Trek to Macchu Pichhu
5) EAT, EAT and EAT!!!
6) Test out some of the equipment that I have bought and use it for bigger climbs.

So far, I’ve been training with 100/ 180 stories stairs training and 20/40 mins runs. I try and fill up the week with at least one for each day and also a resilience training aiming at core strengthening and upper body strength.

In addition, I have received a number of Sponsors for this trip and I would like to use these platform to thank them for their contributions.

Vincent Lam -Singapore (ARMY) – $100 – in exchange for the CIS FLAG to be brought up to the summit
Poon Cheng Song -Singapore (ARMY) – $100
Hsieh Liang Chris -Singapore (ARMY) – $100
Li Guang Jian -Singapore (ARMY) – $50
Ernest Koh Shi Hao -Singapore (ARMY) – $20
Marcus Koh -Singapore (ARMY) – $50
Cavin Tan -Singapore (ARMY) – $100 – in exchange for 2x Karabiners
Lim Jing Kai -Singapore (ARMY) – $50
Vishnu -Singapore (ARMY) – $50
Joseph Rozario -Singapore (ARMY) – $50
Alex Ng -Singapore (ARMY) – $50
Toh Zhi Hong -Singapore (ARMY) – $50
Pt Sanjay -Singapore (ARMY) – $50
Tan Zhi Kai -Singapore (ARMY) – $20
Vic Zheng -Singapore (ARMY) – Spanish Tutorial Lessons and travel advise
Chen Wei Ming -Singapore (ARMY) – $50
Dian Irnani -Singapore – Travel Insurance $140
Tong Derrick -Singapore – Hero GoPro 2 Camera worth $499
Shirley Tan -Singapore – Travel Insurance $140
Ho Zheng Yi -Singapore – $37
Bryan Lim -Singapore – $10
Wayne Tan -Singapore – $20
Nicholas Loo -Singapore – $50

This is a picture of the FLAG that I would be bringing up with me.

This is the map of South America and the countries that I will be going. They are Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Chile.

I do not own this picture. Google.

In addition, I have ordered my equipment over the internet and have already received my package for my winter clothing. I’ll be bringing along the First Ascent Peak 15 jacket as well as the Expedition Hoodie and last but not least, my First Ascent Beanie.

The First Ascent Expedition Hoddie.
The Peak XV Jacket. Testing the size and fit at home.
And put the three together…

All the photos were taken using my Samsung Ace phone camera as I could not wait to try out the jackets when it arrived. But it all still turned out great.

Well, I have about one week left in Singapore and just doing what last minutes preparations that I have left to sort out. The next post will probably be only when I come back from South America. I hope for the best and more importantly, good weather and good people. Stay Tuned.

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