Climbing Da Feng (One of the Four Sisters)

I’m preparing to climb up to Da Feng in about 22 days time. Flight would be on the 24th December, Christmas Eve. So what do I want for Christmas? I want to come home safe and hopefully to climb to the top. I will be there for 9 days and I will be on the summit on the New Year’s Day. So here are some of the equipment that I will be bringing up on the mountain.

Just finished an hour of stairs, just to get a feel of my new boots. Here, there is the La Sportiva Spantik (S$799) with shipment and all from, the Black Diamond Alpine Poles from Campus Corner and the Northface Terra 65 from Perth, Australia because Singapore only sells the terra 45. The terra can be bought at Northface Shops all around Singapore or at Outdoor Life Pte Ltd at Velocity, Novena Square.

La Sportiva Spantik Size 43.5.

This would be my first time climbing a snow peak. I have chosen to do this with Kim Boon and some NUS Graduates. Wish me the best of luck.

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